The real life Cinderella — Her book about the visiting Squirrel in her backyard (Podcast Interview)

The Yaya Diamond
2 min readSep 23, 2022


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If you know me, you know about my love of the critters that come visit me almost every day.

Of course, I am closest to my sweet friend, “Little squirrel” that visits me every night at 5:00pm for his peanuts. The minute he hears me shake the peanut bag he knows it is “din din” time and all but trips over his own little paws to get to the tree where I place the peanuts on a concrete block that sits at the bottom of his tree! He loves watching me as much as I enjoy watching him!

I also have 2 feral cats; a little gray kitten and a big ole’ long haired black cat with a white chest that looks very handsome and formal in his “tuxedo” when he comes to eat each day. He always looks like he is bored with life when he looks at me with his large deep set orange eyes.

Little gray kitten just loves picking on him too! These two are so funny! They always keep me amused.

Oh! I have the cutest bunny ever that hops through my side yard every day (especially when we plant our garden!). My bunny is so adorable! He looks just like a precious brown and white Easter Bunny!

And I can’t forget my redheaded woodpecker. He is HUGE! He is either up in a tree pecking on the bark, or working on the tree stump in our side yard; helping us take it to the ground. He is a handy fellow to have around!

With this being said, the sweet little characters in my book are written after real ones that visit me each day in my yard. They make my front porch my happy place!

I hope you enjoy reading “OH My Little Squirrel” and following my Little squirrel’s adventures as much as I enjoyed writing about them!



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