The importance of having your own website

Free speech is no longer free! I have been targeted by a racist and posted it up on a particular site and now I am restricted from posting to any of my pages, even my business. The hatred that goes around is just unacceptable, and when someone like me speaks up we are the ones who get in trouble.

I have heard it all before “Oh no that is not really happening”, “ It’s all in your head”, and “Don’t make such a big deal about it.” Yeah but if that is the case then why are so many people out to get someone because of the color of their skin, or their ethnicity? This is a very short rant, but having your own outlet is so important because on your own website you can say whatever you want to get your point across.

I love the fact that we can reach so many by being on social media, but when we try to express hatred, grief, or anything we are restricted. Get your own site and then make a point to link it to your page with a link on social media with a really general message. It is sad to say we can’t even count on a real person to check the truth behind the post, oh no, we have entered into the age of “We really don’t care about you we just want to make money”.

We, as the people of the earth, all have one planet to live on and we are divided by color, creed, ethnicity, politics, religion, language, region, etc but if we destroy this earth we will ALL perish together as the human race. We war against each other, we hate on each other, we divide each other, but if we were to look a bit deeper we are cutting off the very person who may just be your ticket to the next level, your doctor, teacher, mentor, best friend, etc.

I wish we could all just see how valuable we are to each other. How our differences make us complete in a way that can’t be denied, and our separations hinder the very existence of our future generations. I know I have gone on a rant and thank you for making it this far. Let’s love one another, help one another, empower one another, and by doing this we boost one another.

With love,

Yaya Diamond



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The Yaya Diamond

The Yaya Diamond

Comcast TV host, iHeart Radio show host, podcaster, TV show host, and Entertainer Yaya Diamond. She is an expert interviewer and host for over 10 years.