My Journey To America an Interview with author Buu-Van a J Rasih (Podcast interview)

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My Journey to America is a personal tale of one man’s journey to reaching his American dream. It commences at his humble beginnings in Southeast Asia, where his parents were left with no choice but to flee their home country, which was being occupied by Communist. The tale continues to tell how he earned his education and was able to attend college in Thailand to how he was able to learn five languages through these life experiences. Finally, it tells of his voyage to America, where he started his own business, which aided over a thousand people become naturalized United States citizens so they too can realize and achieve their American dreams. My Journey to America proves that with the correct mind-set and determination, any dream can be accomplished.



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Comcast TV host, Times Square Marketer, podcaster, TV show host, and Entertainer Yaya Diamond. She is an expert interviewer and host for over 10 years.