“Introducing Caleb, from the Polygon Blockchain”

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I’ll keep it short and sweet. Had a wonderful childhood with loving parents. At age 15 I was prescribed actuate for acne on my face, and my life changed forever. I had a severe reaction, and literally just stayed in bed all day thinking of ways to kill myself. Up to that point I had many friends, was popular and was lead singer and guitarist for a rock band. Once I got on acutane, I lost everything. I lost everything and this is where, as a child I was prescribed Prozac. For the next 18 years I would take Prozac under the supervision of a primary care physician, and my dosage would be incrementally increased every 3 years. This drug inhibited my cognitive ability and I struggled with school, work, and relationships. I failed everything. Every job I got out of college, I was fired or quit every job after college,for not being able to mentally focus. My father who is a general practice physician not once had a psychiatrist look at my meds, or recommend I see a psychiatrist to evaluate my mental state. He encouraged my use of psychotropics and said maybe I shouldn’t work in Information Technology. He said I should be a park ranger or firefighter. I felt very sick for 21 years. Got married and had a child. At age 36 I gave my life to Jesus Christ after almost dying in my home. He spoke to me, to my spirit. And told me to work with a psychiatrist to come off the three psychotropic meds I was on. I did. I came off under a psychiatrists supervision. Against the wishes of my dad and my wife. I’m now free. A new human. Mentally, I’ve never had so much cognitive ability. I was never able to feel emotions on the drugs. I now feel so much peace, love and joy… it’s so wonderful. I started four LLC companies in California. And a blockchain / Metaverse company in Dubai. My wife didn’t like that she could no longer control me. She filed for divorce from me. Kicked me out of the house. I was homeless in Hermosa beach for 2 months. I lived out of my car, and surfed during the day. I recently moved to Dubai, and have setup an office in the Silicon Oasis and holding company here for my latest project, contract mint. I actually live in Nepal, but my companies are all based in Dubai. I’m limited to see my son because my wife is a Covid nurse and a nutcase. She stays inside all day and doesn’t go anywhere with my son because she deathly afraid he will get Covid. I work hard so I’ll see my son someday. To this day I get random messages from my family members telling me to get back on meds… they are in denial. I love my life, my God Jesus, and most of all my son. I have a book being published in 3 months, While I breath, I hope. My ghost writer and editor are in Mumbai and I’m traveling to see them tomorrow.

I’ve had to overcome my dependency on psychotropic medication. Coming off is not easy. I was on three psych medications, unnecessarily. My sister Julia was on a bag of these meds, 6. she took her own life last year. We agreed to hold on for hope, as a team. She couldn’t handle the pain. My father and step mother who is a Pfizer executive paid thousands of dollars for Julia’s care and medications. Before Julia died, she told me she just wanted to be loved and didn’t feel loved by my dad or the family because they told her she was a crazy person. She died with the names of the people who she thought loved her written on her arms..my name was there. My families and fathers… was not. Dealing with her death has been something I’m trying to overcome. I created an NFT platform called Eternal… it’s dedicated to her.

I currently have a portfolio of tech companies and projects I run. I also run a music management agency called Seraphim Music. We recently partnered with BMI Nashville and are now able to license music and collect royalties for our portfolio of EDM DJs. Honestly, I choose who I want to work with now. I’m my own boss. I have a masters degree in information technology security and I’m currently in a PhD program at Liberty University for business management. If I get a bad vibe from someone I immediately shut them down… goodbye.done. 90 percent of people who reach out to me try to waste my time. I don’t allow it. My advice to young entrepreneurs is to find work that excites you, discover work you would do for free. And keep Dreaming. I say if we all dream together, the result isn’t a fantasy.., it’s a reality. Love yourself, be true to yourself, work passionately and the money and opportunities will follow. Success for me is the ability to effectively help somebody. If I’m able to help just one person in some small way, I’m successful. Einstein says, don’t try to be a man of success, but try to become a man of value. It’s true. Next? I’m going to focus all my energy and power for the rest of my time here on earth to help abused and exploited children, and those with mental health problems. All my resources will go to these causes. I will die without money in my bank account. People can email me at or visit any of the number of sites or business I’m the founder of and ask for me. Currently my site contractmint.io is live and I think it’s pretty cool.



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