Interview with upcoming artist Uknomewel LilKev Loksmif

Listen to the interview here:

Uknomewel LilKev Loksmif, independent recording artist, songwriter and song composer has had a rather productive year in 2020. While only releasing one single in 2019 Uknomewel pushed out a number of tracks in 2020 which for the most are non-features which has left Loksmif to carry the lyrical torch alone and he does so well. Magik the second single released from LilKev in 2020 has proven to be a well-received track according to Youtube and Spotify numbers, even the outreach on Facebook reflects the appeal of Magik amongst the general public. Produced by Laphelle Taylor of Soul Lab studios in Greensboro NC, Uknomewel provides a cohesive layer to the strong piano and hard-hitting bass kicks provided by the Paperfall Bros track, while even toned throughout the majority of the track Loksmif is nonetheless assertive and aggressive in his display, becoming a live instrument and giving substances to this amazing track. view Magik here



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