Interview with recording artist Jesse V3GA

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Join Yaya Diamond as she interviews up and coming recording aritst Jesse V3GA on his latest release, success, and more. Bio-Jesse Vega is an actor/Dancer and recording artist whom resides in the New York City area in the Bronx. He released two Independent albums from the years of 2017 & 2019. His first album titled “Microphone”(2017) is a dance/EDM pop album with hits like his signatures anthem single “I’m Gonna Show You”/Beat Your Face and “Take It Away. In 2019, he continue that with a follow up album titled “Who I Am”. An album about insecurities,love romance and heartache. With 3 singles “He’ll Never Be Me,Keep Watching Me and “Let Me. Was a pop/R&B album that will have you listening to all the facets of Jesse Vega personality once listening to his album. After 2 years of no original music during Lock-down in 2020 Jesse became inspired and started writing music. His newest release “Seras Tu” is his first Spanish language record. About telling the partner “everything I do is for you and no matter the circumstances it will always be you. The single, debuting 07/09 will be accompanied with a English version and a music video. Jesse passions for dance gives his audience the power to love yourself and be confident in your own well being and never let anybody question your truth. Website- Spotify link Apple Music —



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