Interview with Record Artist Fluid — Making it in the music industry 2021

Watch the video right here.

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I am the founder, owner, and lead artist of Fluid Motion Music & Entertainment. I am an up and coming rap artist from Union City, CA. I was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area. I am a two time My Music Block TV Award Winner for creating my own path in music and most creative music video and I am one of the current nominees for another My Music Block TV Award this year. I am currently on a press tour promoting my two newest singles “Land Of The Free” and “Major Leaguez”. I have worked with many artists and producers including but not limited to Suga Free, Spice 1, The Mekanix, CMT Miraculous, Prohoezak, Sonny B, Casual Of the Hieroglyphics Imperium, Kaz Kyzah Of The Team, and G-Stack Of The Delinquents. In addition to rapping and managing my own entertainment label, I offer writing and artist consultation services to other artists. I am developing my own clothing line and will be co-starring in a virtual reality series titled “Behind The Hustle. I am currently working on finishing my debut solo EP titled Fluitopia as well as three other EP projects with artists, Cleetus Kasiody, Rawmel, and producer Beno of Benoother Music respectively. You can find my newest singles as well as the rest of my music on all major digital retail and streaming outlets or by checking out my YouTube channel, fluid420, my SoundCloud profile at fluid001, or my Instagram page at @fluid001.



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