Interview with Pop Da Brown Hornet, a Staten Island legend and 25 years Hip Hop veteran (Youtube interview)

Pop Da Brown Hornet, a Staten Island legend and 25 years Hip Hop veteran knowns as The Brown Bomber is back with another set of singles/videos that depict just who he is from Stapleton Projects to an incomparable rhyme spitter. “Stapleton Fly” and “MIC Champ” are back-to-back head-nodding bangers equipped to hype up Hip Hop heads up not only through NY but across the globe. In Stapleton Fly, Pop justifies his freshness and flyness. The video was shot on scene at Stapleton Projects, where it all began for Pop. “Brag about my presence came up with the pheasants but placed amongst the legends.” Pop drops bar after bar about his climb, rise, and takeover. But he also pays homage to his humble mindset. Although we are all born equally it’s evident Pop moves differently. The video brings audiences into Pop’s life, fly from day one, and zooms in on Stapleton Projects, the b-ball court with the DJ rocking, and of course Pop’s Stapleton crew. Intense, thumping bass along with grand drums will have audiences head-nodding through Stapleton Projects, the concrete jungle, and worldwide. Stapleton fly It only makes sense that “MIC Champ” was shot inside a boxing club. Pop wastes no time going in, no need to tape up, stretch, or gear up. He drops gritty bars and quotable punchlines from beginning to end. He’s the rhyme spitter whose mold can’t be cut. “I been putting words together since Rapper’s Delight.” The Brown Bomber is getting audiences hyped up and giving them a hook to echo, “Brown Bomba blast through your armor mic champ knock out your whole camp, competition is nonexistence.” Mic champ Connect with Pop Da Brown Hornet Pop Brown Hornet on Facebook @popbrownhornet on Twitter @popdabrownhornet_10304



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The Yaya Diamond

Comcast TV host, Times Square Marketer, podcaster, TV show host, and Entertainer Yaya Diamond. She is an expert interviewer and host for over 10 years.