Interview with Author Steve Teets “The Great Trespass: A World of Wolt Novel” (Podcast Interview)

The Yaya Diamond
1 min readOct 8, 2022

Amazon The end of the world is coming from a single door…. What if you suddenly found yourself two years into the future? In an altered and terrifying world where you are the last hope for humanity?

Cable TV star Rob Gryffon is living this nightmare.

Arriving from vacation, two years into the future, Rob’s fiancé is dead and an invading army of demon creatures, called the Wolt, rampage across the Canadian Northwest.
Rob soon learns he is the center of an ancient alien prophecy where it is his destiny to turn back these demons and save the human race.
The reluctant TV star’s life continues to unravel as he bounces back through time, from this horrible future to his own past, where his fiancé’ Taylor still lives and is on her own path that could alter Rob’s future world.

Chased across these diverging timelines by the U.S. Army, the NSA and monsters of yore, Rob enlists the help of many memorable characters as he searches for answers to his doomsday dilemma:

Who are the Wolt? When and Where did they arrive?

And can he find those answers in time to prevent the Great Trespass?



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