Interview with author Harsharan Gill-Kent — Motherhood my way (Podcast Interview Roe VS Wade)

Motherhood my way

I am Harsharan Gill-Kent and I am a mother and an entrepreneur. I am an author of the book Motherhood My Way. The book focuses on empowering mothers to follow and discover their own path of motherhood and how to tackle with the judgement thrown at us from the world, family and even ourself. It gives you techniques to help regulate your own emotions, manage your expectations and shows you a path to meditation.

In our current world, motherhood can be portrayed as draining and tiring when it is the most empowering journey a woman takes in her life. There is so much learning and knowledge that we acquire when playing a role of a mother, about ourselves and our little ones that it changes us in a very positive way forever. Motherhood My Way is a book for mothers and for women who are planning to head into the motherhood. The book is a great tool for mothers to understand how outside world impacts our motherhood journeys and empower them to take charge of their own path. What can we do to prioritise our goals and self care and incorporate them well into our motherhood so that we do not lose ourselves in this journey. This book enables to you to take charge of your journey and discover who you are truly destined to be. The book mentions different tools such as self-awareness, meditation and self-care to allow mothers to stay in tune with their mind and body.



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