Indie film Genuine Villains began on Craigs List — Official Trailor and Music Video official song (Youtube interview)

#blackwomenpodcasters #indiefilm #podcast Diego Bastidas — Small town kid from Victorville, California. Dreaming big with being a Hollywood screenwriter/actor and delivering compelling characters. Wrote, casted, produced, and starred in our first film GENUINE VILLAINS which is streaming right now on TUBI, ONE HUBTV, and will premiere on AMAZON PRIME soon. Writer of 5 other screenplays that are waiting to be made. Vinny Orleans — The new and upcoming director of Genuine Villains. With over 2,500 views on youtube from our trailer, Mr. Orleans has delivered an independent hit. His visionary storytelling and enigmatic shots captured the life and the inner struggles of the flawed characters in this film. From Chino, California, and a veteran of the armed forces, his passion for delivering compelling stories is relentless. Sharard Baker — The singer behind the Villainous film. A native Michigan man, he moved to Hollywood to make himself a star and that’s where he met Diego, at the American Film and Dramatic Academy. They partnered up to make this film along with Vinny and delivered a for sure hit. A recording artist with many songs on Apple Music, his passion is also relentless as he continues his path towards success. — Genuine Villains Trailer — Genuine Villains Music Video



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Comcast TV host, Times Square Marketer, podcaster, TV show host, and Entertainer Yaya Diamond. She is an expert interviewer and host for over 10 years.