Have we been forgotten? Leaders stand up for your people.

As the world is considering WW3 we the people of the world are caught in the middle, at least that is what I think. I have considered this every day since the invasion of Ukraine, and I believe it more as each day passes. Take a look at what I mean:

  • Mississippi abolished slavery on Feb. 17, 2013

That means it’s only been 9 years since the United States of America became united in the decision to abolish slavery. This makes me wonder if there are any sundown states, let’s check.

What is a sundown town? Sundown towns, also known as sunset towns, gray towns, or sundowner towns, are all-white municipalities or neighborhoods in the United States that practice a form of racial segregation by excluding non-whites via some combination of discriminatory local laws, intimidation, and violence.

  • the cities of Burbank and South Pasadena, also with histories of sundown town laws, passed similar measures. South Pasadena became the most recent city to do so in 2022. “Coalition for an Anti-Racist Glendale” and the coalition drafted a historic sundown town resolution. The resolution was passed by the Glendale City Council in 2020.

Shame on you California for letting this sneak by you, or did it? As of Sept. 2020 there were still 137 sundown towns spreading over 21 states. Today that list is not known to have reduced so I must assume it is still current in 2022 as I write this blog.

How about lynching? Is lynching still legal today? Well on March 7, 2022 the Senate passes Emmett Till Antilynching Act of 2022, sending bill to Biden for his signature. So as far as I am concerned lynching still has no consequence and this law, which should have been passed many years ago, didn’t pass with full agreement. It went through with a vote of 422–3 which means, to me,

there are 3 people who think of me as a slave, less than, niger, property, unequal, and anything else demeaning .

What can I say about this, and how does it make me feel? These 3 people don’t care about life, or they want the bill to say something different to justify their way of life.

“After more than 200 failed attempts to outlaw lynching, Congress is finally succeeding in taking the long overdue action by passing the Emmett Till Antilynching Act. Hallelujah. It’s long overdue,” said Majority Leader Chuck Schumer in remarks on the Senate floor after the bill’s passage.

Ultimately, I feel, we are not people to the very ones who we elect to protect and serve. How is it that lynching, sundown towns, and slavery has just recently been addressed? This is why Ukraine is in the spotlight. I am not saying that all of our elected or self appointed leaders are bad and ruthless, but I am saying power and the big head syndrome is running rampant.

Are we just pawns in the game of chess our leaders are playing with? Does life matter?

The senseless murder of civilians and the abandonment of blacks not able to leave the war zone in Ukraine because of the color of their skin speaks volumes.

Life itself is being threatened by leaders who only think of themselves and their power. How can this be rectified? How can we solve the world’s issues?

Will hate, bigotry, racism, and evil destroy our very existence?

I would love to see our leaders wake up and realize this is earth and we are all on it for the long haul, but will this ever happen? I would love to see our leaders talk and solve things as one unit and not have to fight and kill for power, but will this happen? I would love to see our leaders stand up for the human race and not discriminate, but will this happen? It is said that justice will prevail, but when? When will justice prevail and will we be alive to see that day, will it ever come, and what can we do to help make this a reality today?

Justice is a word that is used to justify the actions of the leaders who use it, but it rarely means for all.

To top it all off we are told to believe in the process, the system, but that very system is killing us. US schools have not been updated since they were formed in the 17th century, but our children are expected to be ready for the workplace when they graduate. College students have debt before they can even get a job, and most of the time the job they get is not in their field of study. Do I dare say not to go to college and just get certified or go to a trade school? Nope I dare not say that.

Ultimately this blog post is all about the progress we were promised a long time ago that has yet to completely happen worldwide. My prayers are with the people of Ukraine, the African students left behind because of the color of their skin, and the people around the world whose leaders only think of themselves and have forgotten the people they serve.

Am I upset? No, not really. See most have lost faith in their leaders because they know the pressures of the position and how things change when they get engulfed in the day to day of being an elected official. Power, money, and selfishness can ruin the best person for the job.

This is a letter to all world leaders from someone who you have forgotten a long time ago. A letter from someone you may not even care about because I am not the ideal looking person of the correct gender.

I am disappointed in you. I am disappointed in the way you run the world. I truly love all of my brothers and sisters of this world, and would love to be able to be adults and talk things out just as we were taught in grade school. I am disappointed you have issued kill strikes on civilians. I am disappointed that we have to bury our dead because of the power you are afraid to lose. I am disappointed that I have to walk with my head down in fear of my life because I am not viewed as equal. I am disappointed in the 3 votes against anti-lynching.

This is our world and we are acting like kids who are destroying our board game but with real life consequences. When you got into office you wanted to make a difference, what happened? I admonish you today to keep your word and make the difference for us all before there is no earth left for future generations to call home sweet home.



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