Get an Up Close Look at Author Dick Shriver’s Epic Journey “Glimpses of an Uncharted Life” (Youtube interview)

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Dick Shriver and his wife, Barbara, spent 8 years living and working in the Soviet Union and

post-Soviet Ukraine. Dick earned a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering at Cornell

University and a master’s degree in industrial engineering at Ohio State University. He worked

for Exxon before starting his own technology consulting firm. He later did two tours with the US

Government at the level of Assistant Secretary at the Defense and Treasury Departments. He

held Senior Executive Positions at Chase Manhattan Bank and McGraw-Hill. In 1990, he taught

International Finance, Marketing and Trade to 31 communists in the inaugural year of the first

western-style business school in the Soviet Union, the International Management Institute –

Kiev (Ukraine). As Vice President of the International Executive Service Corps, Shriver sent over

1,000 American Executives into the former Soviet Union to assist in private sector development.

He founded a non-profit, Center for International Management Education (CIME) which

promoted “democracy and free enterprise inside the Soviet Union”. CIME’s main programs

involved the development of a rule of law program for the government of an independent

Estonia and economic development in Western Ukraine. Toward the end of his 51 years of

continuous work, he became provost and a member of the founding group of the European

College of Liberal Arts (now Bard College Berlin). Shriver has received the Defense

Distinguished Service medal, and Treasury’s highest award, the Alexander Hamilton Medal.



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