Every Story Is A Miracle — Author Gary Wilson talks about life after his almost fatal accident (Podcast interview)

Airing today at noon.


One day, while going to a new job, my car goes off the road and I hit a tree. My heart stops, I am told 5 times…I end up with a partial quad. Parts of arms and legs have lost 60 percent feeling and use. 3 years later, one foot has to be amputated and six months later, the other is gone. While in a physical rehabilitation center, part of me is asking “Why Me?” I have always been a hard worker. Very often volunteered EMS as a volunteer Medical Response Tech. Responding at all hours as a volunteer. Never got paid. I did this for my town, Ansonia CT, for 5.5 years. “Why Me?” … Without much success from the doctors after so many visits, I made a comment, “This seems to be giving all of us a hard time. I will fix it.” “How?” asks the doctor. “Easy. I will commit suicide,” I replied. “How? You are in a hospital. You are confined to a wheelchair, we can say who and if you can have visitors.” “I will just not eat or drink anything except for my required pills. Nothing new. Just the ones that my body is used to.” For about four days I eat nothing and the doctors see that I am serious…



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