Enthralling Listeners with Rich and Sensory Pop, Rap, and Dance Fusions: Eclectic Artist ANABELLA PAYNE Stuns with New Tribute

Los Angeles, California- August 29th, 2021 — With the release of her refreshing and memorable debut single, “the man”, rising singer-songwriter ANABELLA PAYNE showcases a rich and sensory musical approach. Seamlessly paying tribute to the late MF DOOM, ANABELLA PAYNE recognizes the sheer brilliance of the iconic artist, through a stirring and captivating single.

Having released on August 26th, 2021, “the man” is more than a touching and formidable channel of tribute and homage- the single also sheds light on the conflicting reality of man and the duality of man. Featuring stunning beats and production by dynamic artist Badiou, “the man” is bound to become a household favorite, captivating listeners with both unique lyricism and arrangement. Following “the man”, ANABELLA PAYNE is planning to unveil another refreshing track, titled “war(rior) pt.2”- an exciting mix that focuses on actualizing confidence.

Stream ANABELLA PAYNE debut single on the artist’s official music platforms, and follow on Instagram for updates regarding new releases. For interviews, reviews, and/or collaborations, feel free to contact through email.

Hailing from Burlington, Vermont, ANABELLA PAYNE is a dynamic self-defined Pop song writer, who has been making music since the age of 9. Growing with each new release, the eclectic artist was always moved by the stirring force of music in the lives of people.

Currently, the dynamic artist continues to stun listeners with her rich and riveting Electronic Pop musical compositions, testing her diverse musical prowess with different producers, while also showcasing her brilliance in song writing and lyricism. Aiming for success in the world of music and soaring to new heights, ANABELLA PAYNE has had the honor and privilege of flying to Los Angeles to work along with seasoned producer Malik Yusef- currently finishing up Donda with Kanye West.


Email: anabellapaynellc@gmail.com


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