Author and Translator David Gladen talks about the best book he ever translated (Youtube interview)

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2 min readNov 19

Author and Translator David Gladen talks about the best book he ever translated

Valeriy Polekh, a leading Russian hornist whose life and career spanned the early Russian Soviet era to the collapse of Russian communism, celebrates his love of music in this autobiography. Born July 5, 1918, in Moscow, his mother instilled in him an appreciation for music at an early age. Whenever he asked her a question about music or art, she always gave an exhaustive answer. Vasiliy Nikanorovich Soloduev, a well-known French horn musician, a soloist of the Bolshoi Theater Orchestra, and an experienced artist, was the author’s first teacher at music technical school.

Although he seems severe, he turns out to be a kind person. He also recalls playing in amateur orchestras in his youth, including one led by Professor Boris Emmanuilovich Khaikin near the Moscow Conservatory. In time, Polekh rose to play with the finest orchestras in Russia, and his positive attitude is reflected in his lively accounts of the interesting people he met along the way, including musicians and high-ranking army officers. Translated from Russian, this autobiography offers a fascinating look at life in Russia, its music, and some of its best musicians over an extended period. Valeriy Polekh: French Hornist Laureate of All Russia

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