Author and Musician Hassan Bfly uses Common sense and math to understand God

Intellectual Righteousness

Self-taught, Non-Prophetic Messenger of God

His claim to fame is being able to use common sense and math to prove God is real without appealing to faith or quoting an ancient books. He introduced his philosophy with the book, Theology for the New Millennium. His latest work is the inspirational hip hop debut album, Musical Revelation — The EP.

Hassan Bfly is originally from Washington, DC. He moved to Los Angeles early in 2020 just before the COVID-19 pandemic. He now calls Venice Beach home. Sometimes, you can find him on the boardwalk spreading his message through music.

He made his breakthrough while being incarcerated for crimes he did commit almost 30 years ago, so earning trust before receiving it is a big deal. For this reason, he invites your honest and objective scrutiny as the only way to validate what he says about God.

His latest book “ Theology for the New Millennium” brings up points to make you re-evaluate your thinking.

In order to get right with God, you have to first be right about God.

While everyone has their opinions on the subject, Hassan Bfly delivers the facts! Theology for the New Millennium argues the case for God without ever appealing to faith or quoting any ancient scripture.

This isn’t like your typical God apologetic that puts the burden of proof on the opposition.

Bfly makes claims concerning God that he then uses common sense and math to support. The law of non-contradiction is heavily used to counter any rebuttal from atheists and theists alike.

Reading this groundbreaking and potentially world changing book is not just some exercise meant to flex your intellectual muscles.

After laying out the “two facts”, Hassan Bfly gives his “one opinion” on how to use the newfound understanding of God to achieve amor fati without stoically numbing yourself to life’s pleasures.

If you’re tired of having to choose between accepting things that don’t make sense in order to believe in God and be a good person or rejecting God totally in order to feel reasonable, Theology for the New Millennium is the book you’ve been looking for!

God exists, and you shouldn’t need faith to believe it!

Take a walk on the intellectual side as you weigh your theological options. Why try to figure out what people were trying to say centuries ago when we can use the scientific method and the law of non-contradiction to determine what’s worthy of belief today? This is the age of information and it’s time monotheism had answers for modern questions. The days of belief based on faith are over! This is Theology for the New Millennium.

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