Anu Verma of The Victim 2 Victor Podcast Celebrating their 80th Episode

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FOUNDER of Anu Verma is proud to celebrate the 80th episode of her podcast, which was launched earlier in 2021.

The podcast, which also goes by the title Victim 2 Victor aims to empower and inspire women, showing them that healing from sexual and domestic abuse is possible. The guests featured on the show are from a diverse range of professions and backgrounds and contribute their own teachings to inspire and provide comfort and support to anyone struggling. The podcast is seeing a vast number of 5-star reviews from listeners.

In each episode Anu shares thought-provoking, insightful and poignant conversations with guests about their experiences of abuse and trauma and what they have done to come out the other side. The show depicts the essence of courage, bravery, and unity.

Born and raised in Coventry, England, Anu Verma is a Physiology and Health Sciences Graduate who was later awarded her MSc in Sports Science. A distinctive Cambridge Qualification holder in English teaching, Anu has taught both in the UK and abroad.

Anu’s academic achievements and success are testaments to her unshakable resilience. As a child, she endured the impact of abuse and her life has been one of emotional turmoil and extreme ups and downs. Through sheer determination and a number of tools that would help her path to heal, she gradually navigated away to freedom and happiness — one she thought would never be available.

As part of her healing journey, Anu penned her experiences and life story; the result being her book Victim 2 Victor, which leads readers through her self-exploration. Anu launched her book in hopes that it would help others find themselves the way in which she did, through travel, self-help, and determination to cast off her damaging past.

The podcast Victim 2 Victor felt like a natural extension to Anu’s work as she knew there is nothing more powerful than real conversations where women could talk openly in a safe space about their experiences.

Anu has featured a number of guests which include; Literary Agent, Speaker & Author Mary DeMuth, Filmmaker Lois Hollis, Dating & Relationship Expert Lily Walford, and Power-life Principles SpeakerMike Kemski and the show is packed full of her own strategies and techniques that have helped her move beyond the heartbreak of her past to a life of happiness and fulfilment.

Experiencing the power of a number of healing modalities first-hand, Anu is now a Reiki Master, an Emotional Freedom Therapist, and a qualified Hypnotherapist. She gained her Yoga instructors qualification in 2015, has trained in Neuro-Linguistics, and has also achieved her level 4 in counselling. She has become a Strategic Intervention Life Coach and is currently training for her Postgraduate Diploma as a PTSD and Trauma specialist, keen to continue her journey of growth and education.

Anu’s dedicated mission is to use her skills and life experiences to help others and she is currently seeking collaborators to raise more awareness of the cultural issues of sexual abuse in the Asian community — in particular, cases of child sexual abuse which are still unreported.

The podcast is a project that Anu is fiercely passionate about and looks forward to seeing its evolvement over the next year. It can be found on all major podcast platforms including iTunes, Spotify, Google Podcasts, and many more.

Anu commented:

I am on a mission to utilize my own personal traumas, pain, and healing to help other victims of abuse discover the intrinsic power they have to find their way out of the vicious cycle of darkness

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